Fischwerks Redesign: Classic Sci-Fi Movie Posters

Fischwerks Redesign: Classic Sci-Fi Movie Posters

Fischwerks Redesign

Classic Sci-Fi Movie Posters

There are many routes you can take as a graphic designer depending on your interests.  I highly recommend choosing projects that interest you and cover topics that interest you.  I decided that I wanted to do some re-designs of some of my favorite movies.  I decided to make movie posters for Predator, Alien, Star Wars, and The Matrix.  Each a classic science fiction movie that I really enjoyed as a kid.


For the Predator movie poster I wanted to find a way to incorporate my love for minimalist design.  I love the way minimalist art is able to give so much effect with so little detail.  I set out to create my own minimalist poster by first thinking of a way to incorporate the Predator.  You may need some background information if you haven’t seen this movie but the creature is able to go invisible by using a cloaking device.  I wanted to try and incorporate this.  What I decided on was to give it a blank background which would preserve the minimalist feel and make only the shadow of the Predator visible, thus giving the illusion it is still cloaked.  Then I added in the red laser of his weapon and a fun quote from the movie “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

Fischwerks Design Predator movie poster


The Alien movie poster was my favorite to design. In the movie there is a corporation Wayland Yutani which funds the space expedition in which the movie takes place. I decided to take the logo of this corporation and try and make it as realistic as possible. I wanted to give it a chrome finish and give it a three dimensional feel. I even added a drop shadow and grating to give the illusion of it being a full piece of metal. For the finishing piece I added the green slime from the Alien that would come out of its mouth.

Fischwerks Design Alien Poster

The Matrix

The Matrix is a classic sci-fi movie that brought about some of the first slow motion fight scenes. I decided to make this movie poster based on the lines of code that can be seen falling from various screens during the movie to illustrate “The Matrix.” I took simple binary digits, which are 1’s and 0’s, and made the illusion of them all falling. I tried to give it some depth and added in the title into the code.

Fischwerks Design The Matrix Poster

Star Wars

Last but not least I wanted to give another minimalist poster a try to none other than Star Wars. I decided to incorporate lightsabers because they were and still are one of the coolest parts of the movies. I made two lightsabers, one blue and one red, and had them give the effect of striking each other with an all black background. I tried to simulate the glow of each lightsaber as well.

Fischwerks Design Star Wars Poster

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