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Fischwerks Design

Fischwerks Design is a family owned logo & graphic design company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Fischwerks Design is the creative culmination of two generations of Brothers following the dream of starting our own family business. For years we have played around with the idea of taking our creative talents and making them available to people that are in need of design services. We are now finally making this dream a reality.

Welcome to the Family

The two oldest Fisher Brothers combine out of the box creative thinking and business experience to form the perfect balance of uniqueness and functionality.  The next generation, the two younger Fisher Brothers, bring a very unique set of skills to the team.  Between the two there are years of graphic design experience ranging from logo design and silk screening to photography.  Together these four Fisher Brothers have the skills to take a design from the beginning inspiration, to the sketch, to the final concept and to the implementation of the design.    But what really sets us apart from the competition is that our small size allows us to devote all our attention to our projects and to work with customers side by side through the entire design process to perfectly mold designs to exactly what your needs require. We will not stop until your inspiration becomes a reality.